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The unique device Spectral Correction Complex «SCC-BARS» («SCC-PANTHER») has appeared on the territory of Ukraine. The hardware-software complex is a science intensive and highly intellectual product, which meets not only the demands of the day, but also paves the way to the future of informational medicine.

This invention is related to medicine and medical equipment. The offered method can be used for noninvasive remote detection of functional and organic changes in pre-pathological and pathological processes and their causes, with concrete definition of localization on pre-clinical and clinical stages, and also for the control of treatment dynamic.

The Spectral Correction Complex SCC-BARS is one of the most effective methods of the last generation in diagnostics and treatment of various illnesses of a living organism. It is a kind of mini-laboratory which traces the condition of vital activity processes on-the-fly in a certain time lapse.

The device SCC-BARS is one of the latest creations of the Ukrainian scientists. This device which is based on computer technologies allows the doctor-operator to obtain necessary data about a state of health of the patient, to define the defective mono-spectra with a high degree of convergence and to conduct their correction. The work of the given hardware complex is based on a method of bio-resonant therapy.

The SCC-BARS is the essentially new technology of wave therapy anticipating similar products abroad, based on the discoveries in the sphere of physics of quantum conditions, coherent properties of liquid environments, which makes it possible to carry out the precision diagnostics and treatment of alive organisms through correction of spectra at a level of cells by generating a compensatory signal.


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